Night Photography in Small Towns

Don’t let the title fool you. I am by no means a “photographer“. I am in fact an 18 year old high school senior in a photo class. A high school senior in a photo class in a small, small, small town, to be more specific.

Anyway, our last project was to take a portrait in the style of a famous photographer. Unfortunately, as a second semester senior class, we had to skip a few projects, one being night photography. With this in mind, I decided to pick a photographer who did night photography (or maybe I just wanted the chance to be out as late as I wanted on a school night, you decide). Eventually, with some guidance from the best teacher ever, I settled on Brassai.

Born in 1899, Brassai loved French culture, and the majority of his work is of Paris at night, which left me able to do night photography. However, Milford, NH is so not Paris. Paris in my mind is a sort of paradise, a land of what ifs. I mean, it’s foreign! Anything can happen in a foreign country (and I’m not talking about any sort of Taken scenario either, I’m talking bright lights, museums, cute boys/girls for those of us who are single, great food, etc.) To me the idea of being able to photograph in Paris, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, is magical. But I was pleasantly surprised when I parked in the town center late at night on May 23rd. Okay it wasn’t that late, only about 10:30, but normally I’m in bed by then, wild, right?

I was lucky enough to have Hollis, a wonderful photographer himself, model for me. It was nice to have help when I needed it, but I’m proud to say I managed to accomplish some great shots on my owl with little help.

We went to a few locations, each surprising me with the aura they gave off in pictures. Where was the small town vibe? The boring, well known locations proved to be anything but after hours. The most surprising location was an abandoned BP gas station. It’s one of those places I see every day and think nothing of, it doesn’t look like anything special during the day, it hardly looks abandoned if I’m being honest. But at night, it’s a different story.


Hollis proved to be an exceptional model, he even provided his own Camels, which gave an added mysteriousness and big city aura to the photos.



A lesson learned, small towns are not horrible places for interesting night photography. I look forward to many more late night outings (hopefully with both Hollis and Phil in tow).

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Fourth Quarter Senioritis

As a fourth quarter senior (44 days until the last day, 52 until graduation! and that’s counting non school days!), going to school everyday has become a struggle. Here’s a look at my daily schedule:

  • roll out of bed at 7:15
  • throw on some clothing, take a minute to ponder whether or not my shirt is too see through
  • grab my keys
  • grab a water
  • grab some yogurt
  • if it’s 70 degrees or more, put the top down
  • drive as fast as possible to get to school by 7:40
  • skate past the office, slide into my photography class
  • read whatever book I have on me
  • hang out in the dark room
  • eat breakfast
  • head to my drawing class
  • complain about my project (currently a caricature of Taylor Swift)
  • draw
  • chat
  • head home for lunch
  • watch Gilmore Girls and eat lunch
  • head back to school for Advanced Pottery
  • work on ‘Howling Wolf’ (my 3 foot sculpture of a howling wolf)
  • head home
  • go to work

That’s a long list of what basically translates into nothing important. I have 26.5 credits (we need 26 to graduate), a 3.65 GPA (my current classes don’t affect my GPA, but I have all A’s anyway), and I’ve been accepted to 6 universities (you’re looking at a member of Bath Spa University class of ’15).

tl;dr I have senioritis, bad.

(parenthesis are my new thing in case you hadn’t noticed)

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Student Loans

As a scond semester, fourth quarter senior, I’m starting to figure out loans. And you would think, in a world that almost always requires a college education, that it would be affordable. But (inserting maniacal laugh here) it’s not. And then, at it’s unaffordable price, you’d think taking out student loans would be easy. But, think again! it’s not.
So not only are these loans difficult to get, they put you in thousands of dollars of debt. Isn’t college fun?

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Phone blogging WordPress style

The iOS app for WordPress is great. It gives you HTML options unlike tumblr so I like that.
This is a pointless post, or it started out that way. I just wanted something to do. Other than sleep.
I have very few friends off the Internet, as sad as that is. I always want to go out, party, idk be invited out, and I never do/am. I find myself unable to connect to people on a serious level. I find myself unable to connect to people on any level. Similar to people with mild high functioning autism (wow sinking to a low level here as a normal disability free person, trying to compare myself to someone with a serious real disability) I am able to understand the proper social conduct a teen is supposed to engage in but somehow I can never really replicate it.
I can’t make friends without a buffer or a bridge. I need someone else to start my friendships, conversations, plans, anything. I can’t quite grasp teenage social grace. It really sucks.
And that leaves me home alone Friday and Saturday nights, living out my life on social media/networking sites, being friends with people I couldn’t have befriend had I not had the buffer of a computer screen and a few hundred miles.

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hello england

If you know me, I’m sure you know how excited I am to head to England in September. I’m thrilled to be on my own, living in a “strange” country, and being about to see my current long distance boy friend in a non distance relationship for the first time.

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goodbye micro blogging

If I’m being honest, wordpress seems like an adult version of tumblr. All of the same posting, none of the petty drama. And far less time consuming. I’d be hard pressed to find a complaint if the bloggers I liked moved here instead of tumblr. I like to keep in contact with the people I’ve met on the internet, but without having to wade through the “offensive” text posts and unoriginal idea and thoughts people spit out to gain followers.

Not to mention, I like blogging. I want somewhere to talk about my thought and feelings seriously, with people who get it and aren’t going to treat it like another “I’m awkward and I don’t like people please think I’m cute” post. As someone who is going to be living in a foreign country for (at least) three year, I want somewhere to talk about my experiences. I want to blog, for god’s sake! I want to be able to sit down and write out a long 5 paragraph post about how the education is compared to the US, and how I can’t seem to grasp that the cashiers at Morrison’s sit instead of stand.

And I want to know that someone is going to read and care about it.

Which is what blogging is, after all, isn’t it?

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