goodbye micro blogging

If I’m being honest, wordpress seems like an adult version of tumblr. All of the same posting, none of the petty drama. And far less time consuming. I’d be hard pressed to find a complaint if the bloggers I liked moved here instead of tumblr. I like to keep in contact with the people I’ve met on the internet, but without having to wade through the “offensive” text posts and unoriginal idea and thoughts people spit out to gain followers.

Not to mention, I like blogging. I want somewhere to talk about my thought and feelings seriously, with people who get it and aren’t going to treat it like another “I’m awkward and I don’t like people please think I’m cute” post. As someone who is going to be living in a foreign country for (at least) three year, I want somewhere to talk about my experiences. I want to blog, for god’s sake! I want to be able to sit down and write out a long 5 paragraph post about how the education is compared to the US, and how I can’t seem to grasp that the cashiers at Morrison’s sit instead of stand.

And I want to know that someone is going to read and care about it.

Which is what blogging is, after all, isn’t it?


About littlearyangirl

18, following a friend into the world of real (aka not micro) blogging
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