Phone blogging WordPress style

The iOS app for WordPress is great. It gives you HTML options unlike tumblr so I like that.
This is a pointless post, or it started out that way. I just wanted something to do. Other than sleep.
I have very few friends off the Internet, as sad as that is. I always want to go out, party, idk be invited out, and I never do/am. I find myself unable to connect to people on a serious level. I find myself unable to connect to people on any level. Similar to people with mild high functioning autism (wow sinking to a low level here as a normal disability free person, trying to compare myself to someone with a serious real disability) I am able to understand the proper social conduct a teen is supposed to engage in but somehow I can never really replicate it.
I can’t make friends without a buffer or a bridge. I need someone else to start my friendships, conversations, plans, anything. I can’t quite grasp teenage social grace. It really sucks.
And that leaves me home alone Friday and Saturday nights, living out my life on social media/networking sites, being friends with people I couldn’t have befriend had I not had the buffer of a computer screen and a few hundred miles.


About littlearyangirl

18, following a friend into the world of real (aka not micro) blogging
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