Fourth Quarter Senioritis

As a fourth quarter senior (44 days until the last day, 52 until graduation! and that’s counting non school days!), going to school everyday has become a struggle. Here’s a look at my daily schedule:

  • roll out of bed at 7:15
  • throw on some clothing, take a minute to ponder whether or not my shirt is too see through
  • grab my keys
  • grab a water
  • grab some yogurt
  • if it’s 70 degrees or more, put the top down
  • drive as fast as possible to get to school by 7:40
  • skate past the office, slide into my photography class
  • read whatever book I have on me
  • hang out in the dark room
  • eat breakfast
  • head to my drawing class
  • complain about my project (currently a caricature of Taylor Swift)
  • draw
  • chat
  • head home for lunch
  • watch Gilmore Girls and eat lunch
  • head back to school for Advanced Pottery
  • work on ‘Howling Wolf’ (my 3 foot sculpture of a howling wolf)
  • head home
  • go to work

That’s a long list of what basically translates into nothing important. I have 26.5 credits (we need 26 to graduate), a 3.65 GPA (my current classes don’t affect my GPA, but I have all A’s anyway), and I’ve been accepted to 6 universities (you’re looking at a member of Bath Spa University class of ’15).

tl;dr I have senioritis, bad.

(parenthesis are my new thing in case you hadn’t noticed)


About littlearyangirl

18, following a friend into the world of real (aka not micro) blogging
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