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18, following a friend into the world of real (aka not micro) blogging

Night Photography in Small Towns

Don’t let the title fool you. I am by no means a “photographer“. I am in fact an 18 year old high school senior in a photo class. A high school senior in a photo class in a small, small, … Continue reading

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Fourth Quarter Senioritis

As a fourth quarter senior (44 days until the last day, 52 until graduation! and that’s counting non school days!), going to school everyday has become a struggle. Here’s a look at my daily schedule: roll out of bed at … Continue reading

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Student Loans

As a scond semester, fourth quarter senior, I’m starting to figure out loans. And you would think, in a world that almost always requires a college education, that it would be affordable. But (inserting maniacal laugh here) it’s not. And … Continue reading

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Phone blogging WordPress style

The iOS app for WordPress is great. It gives you HTML options unlike tumblr so I like that. This is a pointless post, or it started out that way. I just wanted something to do. Other than sleep. I have … Continue reading

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hello england

If you know me, I’m sure you know how excited I am to head to England in September. I’m thrilled to be on my own, living in a “strange” country, and being about to see my current long distance boy … Continue reading

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goodbye micro blogging

If I’m being honest, wordpress seems like an adult version of tumblr. All of the same posting, none of the petty drama. And far less time consuming. I’d be hard pressed to find a complaint if the bloggers I liked … Continue reading

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